Building the best skis is a fascinating combination of modern technology, the newest materials, advanced machinery and handcrafting. Each Augment ski is built from over 35 parts using over 200 processes and amazingly over 80% of those processes are fully handcrafted.

P-Tex Race polyethylene bases

The required characteristics vary according to ski model and discipline. Today, about twenty different high-quality ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) sintered bases are available in different elasticities, densities, thicknesses and carbon contents. Augment only uses racing bases that glide better and are more durable.

Carbon fiber

Carbon is not simply "just carbon fiber". Its use in lightweight construction guarantees maximum stiffness and dynamic rebound for many ski models. We use only the highest quality carbon fiber prepregs to give our skis the right stiffness and sensitivity and to maintain consistent quality.

Phenolic sidewalls

The phenolic sidewall is one of the toughest and stiffest sidewalls on the material sector and offers many unbeatable advantages. The phenolic sidewall maximizes pressure transfer in the curve to the edge. This gives a good edge grip and the skis are easy to control. Augment is one of the few ski brands that builds every ski with the high-quality phenolic sidewalls.

Resin-containing glass fiber fabric is inserted between the individual layers of the ski sandwich and ensures the fusion of the individual components at a press temperature of 120 °C. This maximizes the strength of the composite and reduces the probability of weak points.

Polyamide top sheets are characterized by excellent abrasion resistance and color absorption. In racing, smooth surfaces with a thickness of 0.5 mm are used, whereas thinner surfaces are used for touring skis to reduce weight. Textured surfaces are also used as a design element.

The "flex" of the skis is optimized by adding Titanal layers. With the Titanal, the power transmission and torsional stiffness is the same in all directions, it ensures optimal stability and ideal damping. In technical terminology, these Titanal layers are called the upper and lower chord. Titanal is available in different layer thicknesses, starting with 0.4mm to 0.8mm and is then adapted to the ski.

Our designers use ski edges made of steel, which is very stable, durable and very well suited for precise sharpening of the edge.

The biggest contribution to the good skiing feel of a ski is the wood core, which gives the ski the necessary flexibility, dynamics and strength. In most Augment models, we use layered wood cores, each consisting of one hard and one softer wood - preferably from sustainable, Austrian wood extraction.

is a heavy and hard wood with very good bending strength and elasticity.

is a light wood with good load-bearing capacity and is used at Augment in a layer bonding with ash wood for most ski models.  

is a very hard and heavy deciduous wood and is used as a fastening wood under the binding for some models.

is a light softwood with very good strength properties and is used by Augment in lightweight construction.