High-tech Materials

Every AUGMENT ski is built using winning materials tested on the race circuits. The personality and feel of a ski is the result of a combination of construction materials, methods and dimensions.

Even if several manufacturers made skis with the exact same dimensions, they could still feel very different on snow. AUGMENT skis are built using a closely guarded process incorporating material, design and construction.

Ultra-High Sintered Graphene Base

Our ski builders are continuously testing new base materials to find more optimised base models for each AUGMENT ski. The required characteristics vary for each ski model and discipline.

There are today approximately twenty different high quality ultra-high molecular polymer (UHMWPE) sintered graphite bases available. Characteristics like elasticity, density, thickness, proportion of high-grade carbon, wax absorption and molecular weight varies (0,95-0,99g/cm3) between the base models.

Race bases glide better and more durable than non-racing bases.

What is common to all high quality sintered graphite race basis is that they are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and that they have a high proportion of high grade carbons (15-25%) which give the bases the black colour.

UHMWPE polymers are also known as high-modulus polyethylene, (HMPE) and have extremely long chains. This results in a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made.

Carbon Fibre

The use of carbon fibre in ultimate lightweight construction guarantees maximum stiffness and dynamic rebound for many ski models.

Carbon is not “just carbon” – it comes in different qualities and how the carbon fibres are laid out defines the character of a ski.

Our Ski Builders chooses for each AUGMENT ski the right carbon fibre prepregs to give them exactly right stiffness and sensitivity. We use the highest quality carbon prepregs to remain consistent in production week in week out.

Phenolic sidewall

Phenolic is the best sidewall material in the ski industry. It provides many unbeatable advantages. The most importantly it maximises the skier’s power transfer to the ski edges on the turns.

As phenolic is much harder material than ABS it also provides maximum ski edge support under all conditions. Phenolic also bonds better than ABS with the woodcore. And as phenolic is less spongy than ABS, it polishes better, maximising the glide of the skis on the edge.

Today Augment is the only ski brand, which builds all its skis with Phenolic sidewalls. Other ski brands are tending towards using ABS sidewalls on their non-FIS World Cup skis as ABS is almost six times cheaper than Phenolic.

Multi-Directional Glass Fibre Prepregs

Prepregs ensure that the composite characteristics are perfectly tuned, and the individual components are fused to a whole.

Prepregs are fibres impregnated with partially cured resin. With prepregs, resin content is built into the fabric in a consistent fashion, at an almost perfect fibre-to-resin ratio throughout. This maximises strength properties of the fabric and drastically reduces the weight and likelihood of weakness in the finished parts. Additionally, parts made with prepreg can be almost uniform. We use only the highest quality prepregs from Hexcel, which is a pioneer of the glass and carbon fibre prepregs, mats and epoxies.

To maximise the quality of AUGMENT skis, all epoxy prepregs are stored on tight rolls in moisture proof bags at a continuous temperature of -18C. To avoid moisture contamination, the prepreg rolls are taken to room temperature 24-48 hours before opening the moisture proof packaging.

World Cup Racing Top Sheet

The highest quality and the most expensive top sheets are made from polyamide. All AUGMENT skis have a racing top polyamide top sheet.

The thickness of the top sheet varies per ski model. On the FIS World Cup skis we use the thinnest top sheets for the lowest centre point of gravity. To protect the racing top sheets of AUGMENT skis our ski service team fine-tune the top sheet with diamond grinding.

Dura-Treated Racing Top Sheet

The micro cap construction combined with phenolic sidewalls provides our SC and AM77 with the same winning characteristics as before.

No compromises – just performance. Protecting the top sheet edges without compromising the performance has been a challenge for the the ski builders for decades. To keep your skis looking great even after hundreds skiing days, our ski builders have equipped SC and AM77 skis a dura-treated polyamide top sheet with micro cap.


Titanal is a high-tech material, that guarantees optimum smoothness and stability and provides the ski with ideal damping properties smoothing out a lot of the vibration. It’s much easier to ski when you know that the ski will perform consistently and predictably in all of your turns. To optimise all skiing features and flex, our ski builders are using up to 6 different titanal layer thicknesses.

Titanal is a metal produced by a single company AMAG or Austria Metall AG, that is about 85% aluminum with smaller amounts of zinc, magnesium, and copper. Titanal is an agreeable metal as it bonds well with other materials in the layup. Titanal’s isotropic properties retain its strength as it is torqued in any direction.

Racing Edge

The steel racing edge provides smooth flex and minimal friction resistance.

The edge must maintain its sharpness after a couple of runs, and because of this, all AUGMENT ski edges are made of steel. The steel we use is very strong and durable and allows for very precise sharpening.

Full Wrap edge – the strongest type of edges. We use Full Wrap edges on our Augment SC skis. One length of the edge metal goes all the way around the ski and joins at one end.

Wooden core

The hardwoods used to render the core are 100% robust and provide it with the consistent flex, necessary dynamics and stability required for top performance.

The largest contributor to the ski’s feel is the core.

Our skis have up to thirty pieces that are glued together side-by-side to form a uniform core that flexes the ski for the ultimate grip and control.

AUGMENT ski builders use ash, paulownia and poplar in our wooden core.

  • Ash: Strong, heavy, hard wood with a good amount of elasticity – the stiffest wood available making skis hard charging
  • Paulownia: Proportionately strong, lightweight soft wood, rot-resistant used in the premium touring skis
  • Poplar: Fairly light and durable. Poplar is used to make the skis more bouncier and playful

Most AUGMENT skis feature a combination of a more dense wood and a lightweight wood, such as ash and poplar. Using strips of different types of wood in the laminate, AUGMENT ski builders are able to use the properties of several types of wood in their cores to accurately shape a ski’s characteristics.