The lines between different ski types are somewhat blurred nowadays, and many skis fall into more than one category especially when we talk about all-mountain, off-piste and alpine touring skis.


AUGMENT SC carving skis are the perfect choice for those that like the classic feeling of laying a ski over on an edge and arcing a perfect turn. On groomed and hardback runs the sidecut and torsion box construction of AUGMENT carving skis guarantee edge-to-edge quickness and responsive turn initiation and exit.


Alpine touring (AT) skis are also known as backcountry skis. They are designed for going uphill as well as downhill and float nicely on the steep snow outside the hardback runs on the pistes.

Backcountry skis vary in width and weight. Wider versions like the AUGMENT TC95 suit deep snow touring and the skinnier, lighter skis like AUGMENT TC85 are usually used for spring/long distance touring.


If you’re only going to own one pair of skis, all mountain skis like AUGMENT AM77 is what you want to be purchasing.

Off-piste oriented skiers AUGMENT TC85 and AUGMENT Freetour TT95 are great choices as one-quiver skis.

All mountain skis are designed to handle as many conditions as possible including powder, ice, groomers, steeps, heavy snow, and everything in between.