Stiffness distribution over the entire length of the ski ensures its predictable character in every condition. The torsional and bending stiffness are very different. Torsion is the ski’s ability (or not) to twist under pressure. High torsional stiffness dramatically improves edge hold and high-speed stability.

Bending or longitudinal stiffness refers to the amount of energy it takes to activate the flex profile. AUGMENT skis are available in ten different bending stiffness options to maximise the versatility and easy turn initiation as well as having exactly the right bounce for each skier.

Stiffness Flex Code is an essential construction parameter for winning race skis, which makes you faster.

The aim of the AUGMENT ski fitting process is to find each skier’s perfect ski with exactly the right stiffness. We do this so that when your weight and centripetal force are pushing on the ski, the rest of the ski’s edge is being flexed toward the ground so that the metal edge of the ski digs into the snow at the same angle down the whole ski. The ski with the right stiffness hold its edge and continue to track through the turn even when it’s pushed very hard.

As a rule, free ride skis are softer than piste and race skis, as they need to be more forgiving to absorb bumps and stomp landings in the park and won’t require as much pressure to carve on a less stable terrain.

Piste and Race skis are made stiffer, as the skier presses much harder to push out of his turns and so accelerate out of a carve, and this is all done on a very stable, hard pack race piste, where the snow is unlikely to give way. A reverse camber shape is made in the snow when pressure is applied underfoot by the skier, and this carves the ski in a turn.

Torsional Stiffness

A longitudinally softer ski that is stiff torsionally will hold fast when you engage the sidecut but will have a speed limit. A ski that is longitudinally stiff but is softer torsionally will cut a straight line through crud.

Every AUGMENT touring and free touring ski has optimised torsional stiffness to ensure the ski performs well in the crud including windblown powder, heavy tracked spring snow and re-frozen snow, powder and in hard pack areas.

Piste and slalom skis are stiffer torsionally to give them maximum edge grip. AUGMENT’s materials and prepreg moulding provide the possibility to control torsional and longitudinal stiffness separately and manufacture torsionally stiff wider skis.