Spend a few minutes filling out AUGMENT’s skier questionnaire, and half an hour on the phone or Skype with one of our ski fitting experts and enjoy perfect days on the mountains.

01: Ski Fitting App

Made to measure skis are not only for the professional skiers. AUGMENT made to measure skis will give you more confidence and control.

You can enjoy longer time without fatigue on the slopes with our innovative skis. Our ski-fitting app will guide you through the entire process – you don’t need to know anything about ski development or materials.

02: Consultation

Our ski fitting experts have decades of expertise in ski racing, touring and skiing in all conditions.

They know our skis inside out and can help you to find your perfect skis in the right stiffness, bindings and mount position. The consultation is a step beyond our online questionnaire and give us a more in-depth look at your skiing requirements.

03: Build

All our skis are manufactured using the same materials and methods including prepreg heat moulding as the FIS Alpine World Cup skis.

AUGMENT is the only ski company that offers high end, made-to-measure performance skis that truly enhance any skier’s experience.

04: Purchase

After the consultation, we will send you a full recommendation for your recommended ski model, length, flex, bindings and binding mounting position for your approval.

You can order the skis from any of our AUGMENT resellers or directly from www.AUGMENT-sports.com.