All AUGMENT skis are built using World Cup sandwich torsion box structure. This technique, increasing torsional stiffness without increasing bending stiffness, is highly sought after by ski builders.

Original World Cup Construction – Torsion Frame Concept

The maximal torsional stiffness of AUGMENT skis comes from a minimum of two layers of angled prepreg fibres and the state of art phenol sidewalls providing:

  • Maximum stability and torsional stiffness
  • Optimum smoothness on the slopes
  • Maximum toughness

Wood core, torsion box and titanium laminate together offer great edge hold, responsiveness and stability at speed.

Prepreg-Compression Moulding (PCM)

Prepreg Compression Moulding allows AUGMENT ski builders to handcraft skis with even resin distribution and zero dry spots.

AUGMENT skis’ homogenous construction uses a precise and constant hot prepreg compression moulding (PCM) process.

Prepreg Compression Moulding was first introduced almost 40 years ago, and since then the technology has come a long way especially in the ski building industry. The prepregs have developed dramatically and new prepregs are introduced every year.

Compared to methods used still by many small artisan ski workshops, the prepreg heat moulding provides multiple advantages:
+ Consistent and optimal fibre/resin ratios
+ Usually higher modulus fibre (for carbon)
+ Higher working temp epoxy
+ Faster production
+ Less chance for voids and contaminates
+ Weight savings

Sandwich Construction

Sandwich construction is used for race skis as it transmits pressure to the edges. The maximised power transfer is achieved using phenol sidewalls.

AUGMENT skis have phenol sidewalls, as it is much stiffer than ABS.

We don’t compromise when it comes to the performance of our skis, as we want to make you fast. This is why all AUGMENT skis are built using full sidewall sandwich layup. The only drawback is that it makes skis more susceptible to damage at the edges if skis cross. Today, unlike us, many manufacturers use full or semi cap constructions, where the composite layer and top sheet are brought down over the core to seal the edge. Cap construction, however, is not as stiff giving less edge grip when handling at high speeds.

Double Plate Reinforcement

To guarantee the perfect anchorage of the screws, AUGMENT skis are equipped with a double plate (fibreglass prepreg and titanal) reinforcement.

Non-Scratch Treatment

To maximise the durability of our all-mountain and piste skis, we have developed non-scratch rounded top sheet edges, which doesn’t compromise the performance of the skis as the full, half and semi cap constructions do. In addition we equip our all-mountain and piste skis with aluminium tip protectors.