Seven pre-race questions to Philipp Schörghofer

Our CEO Panu Lehti took the phone and had a chat with Philipp Schörghofer who is in Beaver Creek getting ready for tomorrow’s Giant Slalom World Cup race. Here’s what Philipp answered to the seven tough questions that Panu had prepared for him.

What are your thoughts about Beaver Creek as a venue?

It’s great to be back in Beaver Creek for the 10th time in my career. As a race course, Beaver Creek is very different from the other places, not a traditional giant slalom slope at all. The ski run has its steep parts but also very flat parts – almost like in cross-country skiing!

The race takes place at a pretty high altitude. The start is at well over 3000 meters, however, it doesn’t feel like that high as there are trees around. For the racers, the main challenge here is the lack of oxygen, which burns your legs if you haven’t trained hard over the summer.

How are the weather conditions looking, thinking about the race tomorrow?

It’s very wintery, and it has snowed quite heavily. Today, the race course wasn’t in such a great shape, a little soft due to all the snow. Compared to Europe, the snow is very dry.

For tomorrow, Sunday, the weather forecast looks promising with no more snow expected. As it’s pretty cold, the snow should be harder and icier already tomorrow.

In these conditions, it will be important not to push the skis too hard to keep the speed up.

Who are the strongest candidates for the competition?

We, Austria, have a very good team this year.

How do you feel to be back in the race after a long break?

Excited! I am ready for the race. I don’t see the longish break as a problem, as I already have plenty of racing experience under my belt.

When you are out there racing, is there some specific mantra you use or something that keeps you moving when it gets a little hard?

I don’t have any specific habits before the race, nor a mantra. I like to do some training runs, which are not too different from my typical training.

How are your skis working?

I feel confident about my skis. For Beaver Creek, Augment gave me new skis that are optimised to the conditions here. These skis are fast.

And finally, how has the Augment ski service been?

Great, Ali and I are a very good team. It also helps that I have worked with him a lot in the past.

Thanks for the interview, Philipp! We wish you luck for tomorrow’s race.

The race starts tomorrow 2nd December at 17:45 CET. Be sure to park yourself in front of a TV set to follow the race.