Schörgi is ready for FIS World Cup opening race in Beaver Creek

Philipp Schörghofer is one of the most determined athletes we have seen. Since his injury, season 2016-17, he has paid a lot attention to recover fully and be physically in better condition than ever for this season. On exercises Schörgi has shown his strength. We are sure that he will excel on FIS World Cup opening race on the upcoming weekend.Conditions looks very different in Beaver Creek compared to Alps today. It’s snowed. And it feels like proper winter. It’s cold, -10-15 Celsius. There is about a 40 percent chance of snow showers on race days. The forecast is for wind in the single-digits. Fingers crossed.

At a time “Mr GS” Ted Ligety is Americans biggest hope for the weekend. But injuries took a toll on him. He tore his ACL during a training mishap in Germany in January 2016. His back and hip have also hindered him. But this summer he wasn’t rehabbing an injury. He actually got to train. “High volume, too” Ligety said on AP’s interview earlier this week “I’m feeling good.”

Philipp Schörghofer

It will be great to see two GS super stars Philipp Schörghofer and Ted Ligety racing again against each other on the upcoming weekend.