Our World Cup experienced ski service team gives all AUGMENT skis a ready-to-race finish before handing skis to our customers. Tailoring edge geometry and surface structure, as well as the special base structure, ensures this ready-to-race finish.

AUGMENT skis are built using thin racing top-sheets to make the skis’ central point of gravity as low as possible. Ready-to-race finish work starts with fine-tuning the top sheet angle. The correct top sheet angle reduces the risk of the top sheet cracking.

To optimise edging capabilities and therefore the speed of AUGMENT skis, the AUGMENT ski service team removes the excess ridge of the sidewall material, polishes the sidewalls and finishes off the sidewalls by removing scuff marks.

Flat bases are crucial for top ski performance together with the right base structure and correct base edge level. The structure will be tailored based on the discipline and the most typical snow and weather conditions for your region.

The AUGMENT ready-to-race finish is then completed by fine-tuning and sharpening the edges. A high edge angle might cause a ski to skid, and too low of an angle can cause the ski to knife into the snow. Bevelling the base edge lifts the edges off the snow so they won’t engage until the ski is tilted on the edge.

Too little base edge bevel causes a ski to hook up before the skier is ready and an excessive base edge bevel creates instability as the edges are raised too far off the snow.

Consult our World Cup experienced ski service team to find the perfect base edge level for you.

Our World Cup ski service team’s recommendations for the junior racers

  • For up to U12, kids should have GS 1.25 and SL 1-degree base and 3 degrees side bevels
  • For strong U12 and U14, they can go to GS 1.25 or 1, SL 1 to 0.75 base and 3 side
  • For strong U14 and U16 and higher, they can go to GS 1 or 0.75, SL 0.75 or 0.5 base and 3 side for SL
  • GS skis can stay at 1 degree base and perhaps go down to 0.75 or even 0.5
  • Strong racers U16 and up can go down to 0.75 on the GS skis

As younger skiers progress through the ranks and you don’t mind investing more time in your gear, you can move to progressive base bevels, (as high as 1 degree at the tip, down to 0.5), for SL and GS, as the racers grow stronger.

Speed skis (SG and DH) are different and include a 1-degree base and 3 sides. It is a safety issue here, so be sure to talk to a coach as a bevelled base that is too sharp makes the skis grip at speed.

The 0.5 base is bevelled underfoot and requires strength and technique, because it provides quite a lot more grip making it more common at the higher levels. Four degrees on sidewall is not uncommon for racing on ice for strong racers and could go even higher in some conditions.

The final step is crucial to making skis go fast! Wax. All AUGMENT skis are waxed using the Optiwax method for podium results.