Augment Tour 85 Carbon



The AUGMENT TC85 is probably the lightest 85mm underfoot touring ski on the market – an amazing achievement from AUGMENT’s ski builders considering the TC85’s full sandwich construction.

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This all-rounder impresses with its low weight and excellent handling characteristics. For the skier, AUGMENT TC85’s tip rocker and camber underfoot provide harmonious handling and predictability.

The tip rocker makes modern steep turns easy and its great edging grip makes the ski predictable and safe on the challenging icy hard snow conditions in the steep couloirs of say, Monte Rosa, Italy. For the skiers interested in improving their stamina and strength skinning uphill next to pistes, AUGMENT TC85 is a good choice thanks to its excellent speed handling conditions on the groomed slopes.

Like all other AUGMENT skis, the TC85 can be personalised by selecting your specific stiffness in addition to length. Tour TC85 is available in a wide range of different stiffness options to perfectly match each skier’s specific needs.

Contact our dealers or use our AUGMENT ski fitting app to find the perfect setup for yourself.

AUGMENT TC85 skis are built at AUGMENT’s own ski factory in Stuhlfelden, Austria and as with all of our skis it uses materials and layup inherited from a racing history including laminated wood core, full phenolic sidewalls, prepreg carbon fibre composite layers, racing edges and graphite racing base.

SpecificationsTouring TC85
Length160 / 170 / 180 cm
Radius18 / 19 / 20 m
Sidecut125 / 85 / 105 mm
Weight950 / 1100 / 1150 gr +-
LayupPCM (Prepreg Compression Moulding), Sandwich, Full Sidewall, Torsion Frame
Stiffness1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
TopsheetPolyamid ultralight
CorePaulowina / Carbon
EdgesSteel race
BasePtex graphit race

All Mountain

The Augment all-mountain skis are designed to deal competently with snow conditions all over the mountain


The best way to learn to ski is to have the right equipment supporting your learning on the slopes. Right skis help you enjoy the mountains fully


The AUGMENT skis for the skiers who can enjoy confidently red and blue slopes with using parallel turns


The AUGMENT skis for the skiers, who master any condition with the confidence and experience on the mountains.

Ski Touring

The alpine touring skis designed specifically for backcountry use. The lighter weight makes hiking uphill drastically easier.