Next Level Precision with Montana Crystal Magic

The Augment ski factory is now equipped with one of the most modern grinding machines by Montana.

With the Crystal Magic and it’s first class grinding capabilities, we’re achieving maximal and consistent quality for each pair we produce and overall a higher capacity to meet the increased demand on our market.

Montana are a Switzerland based company with a long history in providing machinery for ski manufacturing and ski service. The Crystal Magic is among their in 2018 launched product family that showcase technological advancements in precision and production efficiencies.

Honestly, it’s a show to watch this robot running with it’s lasers making measurements and a toolset that resembles a dentist’s office more than a conventinal ski factory one might think of 🙂

With this upgrade in tooling, Augment ski are taking another major step in building ski manufacturing capacity to what is expected for the years to come. All feedback we’ve received in this winter’s trade shows (including the biggest, ISPO) indicates significantly increasing demand.

We’re at the same time humbled and excited about what the season 2019-2020 will bring along.