New name, the old company and the same people

Our new brand name will be “AUGMENT”. The company and our logo will remain the same as the people and owners behind it. As Croc Skis, all AUGMENT skis will be manufactured at our ski factory in Stuhlfelden. Croc Skis can still be used in all FIS races as long as athletes wish to do so.

Changing the brand name was always going to be a difficult decision. Instead of spending years in courtrooms defending the Croc brand name against two companies, Crocs Inc. and Voima Ltd (Mad-Croc), our new registered trademark brand name “AUGMENT” gives us the ability to sell our existing and new products in Europe and USA.

AUGMENT [ɔ:gˈment] stands for growth, increase, elevation, faster, stronger, further – these are the prerequisites for success as an athlete. For us, AUGMENT means increased performance, effectiveness and customer care.

Thanks to all our partners in Austria and almost 30 other countries, our sales reached 3,000 pairs in 2017. Today, our production of skis runs at thirty pairs per day to make sure that we can meet agreed delivery times.

Pre-order your AUGMENT skis to make sure you receive your skis in time for the upcoming season. Pre-ordered skis will be delivered based on your request between September and December.


Panu Lehti
CEO, Augment