Sidecut Family 0.20
Our Free Tour 98 is a versatile allround tool for the backcountry. The FT98 has an additional layer of Titanal built into the ski to guarantee its maneuverability, agility, and grip on steeper slopes.

PCM Prepreg Compression Moulding
Sandwich torsion frame + Tip & Tail Rocker
Polyamide top sheet with micro cap
Paulownia wood core reinforced with Titanal, Carbon, Phenol
Tour steel edges
P-Tex race base

Name Radius Side shape Weight
Free Tour98 172 17 138/98/120 1.300g
Free Tour98 180 18 138/98/120 1.400g
Free Tour98 188 19 138/98/120 1.500g

Weight per ski in grams. The weight of the skis can vary slightly due to different production cycles.