Sidecut Family 0.21
The AM88 with its 0.21 side geometry and its perfectly coordinated rocker construction is a manoeuvrable, smooth offroad ski. Due to its special structure, it also impresses with its enormous hold and stability. Our AM88 is a ski for every all mountain adventure.

PCM Prepreg Compression Moulding
Sandwich torsion frame + Tip & Tail Rocker
Polyamide top sheet with micro cap
Polyamide top sheet with micro cap
Racing steel edges
P-Tex race base

Name Radius Side shape Weight
All Mountain88 163 16 128/88/110 1.600g
All Mountain88 171 17 128/88/110 1.700g
All Mountain88 179 18 128/88/110 1.800g

Weight per ski in grams. The weight of the skis can vary slightly due to different production cycles.