AUGMENT RACING – The first new ski brand in FIS Alpine World Cup in 21 years

At AUGMENT, we have racing in our DNA and are the first new ski brand in the FIS Alpine World Cup in 21 years. Our first racer started on the FIS Alpine World Cup six months after we started to build our skis, which was a fantastic start for the company!

We were inspired to establish the company in 2015 to provide all skiers from juniors to FIS Alpine World Cup skiers ready-to-race made to measure skis. We’re all about being innovators in our field and constantly exploring ski technology for our AUGMENT customers.

We continuously collect and analyse race and training results from athletes, so that our ski builders tirelessly improve the sidecut, profile and construction of our skis to maximise the performance of AUGMENT skis.

Ahead of AUGMENT’s establishment our ski-craftsmen helped the World’s best skiers to win three Olympic gold medals, ten world championship titles and forty-four FIS Alpine Ski World Cup victories.

“I was lucky at my time to have access to the skis tailored to match my skiing style and physical abilities” Kalle Palander, FIN, World Champion, Slalom.
“Now even junior racers can race with World Cup level skis” Johan Brolenius, SWE, Ski coach, FIS WC skier
“It’s always a risk to switch ski brand, but AUGMENT offered me skis to race at the highest level“ Thomas Zangerl, AUT, FIS WC/Olympic Ski Cross skier
“After FIS introduced the new GS ski rule, I wanted to work with the ski brand directly so they could offer me skis matching my personal needs to race at the highest level” Tim Jittloff, USA, FIS WC skier
“At this stage of my career its important to have skis for a wide variety of race course profiles and conditions” Jaakko Mustalahti, FIN, FIS / EC skier

All AUGMENT skis are built using the World Cup sandwich torsion box structure using prepreg moulding from the finest materials, to ensure the skis won’t hold you back in the search for your personal limits. We the only company today to offer all our skis in ten unique stiffness options to meet your exact specifications.

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