Augment Racing Team

Augment is a synonymous with “faster, stronger, further” and stands for “more” in terms of value, effectiveness, and for overall greatness. Decades of experience and numerous successes, which were previously collected as service men and designers in the World Cup, World Championships or Olympic Games, flow into the production of each individual ski and thus make the product unique.

The team that is in development relies on a mix of experienced World Cup skiers and also young athletes who celebrated their first successes in the World Cup or the Europa Cup.

In addition to the Austrian Philipp Schörghofer (AUT), Arttu Niemelä (FIN), Jens Henttinen (FIN), Joonas Räsänen (FIN), Matej Falat (SVK), Maria Shkanova (BLR), Gabriela Capova (CZE) and many other athletes in the World or Europa Cup work for the company. Austrian Thomas Zangerl, Adam Kappacher and Thomas Harasser continue in our Augment Ski Cross team.

At the 2017 World Championships in St. Moritz, Matej Falat (SVK) won the first medal for CROC / AUGMENT – the silver medal in the team competition.

Not only in racing does this innovative company score well right down the line. The range of All-Mountain, On-Piste and Touring skis, which has already been successfully launched on the market, is enjoying great popularity. These skis are also manufactured in the usual way by the existing, experienced team, carefully hand-crafted using proven, high quality materials.

Founded in 2015 by the brothers Albert and Mike Kogler, Franz Angerer and Jukka Peltola, the Austrian ski manufacturer CROC / AUGMENT, with its production site in Stuhlfelden in Salzburg’s Oberpinzgau, can look back on a successful development. The initially small team of four people has grown within a very short time to 17 highly motivated and experienced employees.

6,000 pairs of premium skis are currently being produced per year – with a strong upward trend. At AUGMENT, skis are not built at the lowest manufacturing cost and with the cheapest materials, rather, handmade skis are made with high-end materials that make for the most fun while skiing, with ski designs and manufacturing methods used in racing.

Due to the similarity of the name to Crocs, Inc. and Voima Ltd., the management has now decided to change the name of the ski brand. “Croc” becomes “Augment”. The company and people stay the same.

Mittersiller Bundesstrasse 286
5724 Stuhlfelden, AUSTRIA
T. +43 676 710 9555