Augment Story

As high-speed sports enthusiasts, we’ve spent years searching high and low for the best performing products from the market in the sport we love – alpine skiing.

After exhausting our search, we felt that was impossible to find competitive, reasonably priced skis coupled with personal service. As well as this, the options available pre-AUGMENT’s release did not have the capability to impact on product specifications to make sure it would match with capabilities of individual athletes and their individual’s needs. This just was not available for outsiders of the championship “elite”.

Successful people have big dreams. They set goals and follow through on them.

When you buy AUGMENT skis, you will be skiing with skis that are crafted from the same materials as our FIS World Cup skis.

All of our skis are built by same ski builders using the same materials and methods as used when building the world best race skis. Today we are the only company, which can provide all skis with ten different stiffness options.

For us, AUGMENT means increased performance, effectiveness and customer focused excellence.