We will always focus on being the best. No compromises – just performance with a reasonable price tag available to anyone serious about their sport and performance.

Cherishing your success

Cherishing your success is a key driver for us to push the boundaries and improve the performance of our products day after day. Helping you to reach your goals is in our DNA.

Giving everyone equal opportunities to excel

We are proudly work with national teams, racing teams, sports schools as well as individual riders. All our customers are on our team. When you buy the race skis from you can be assured that they are built from the same materials using the same methods as our FIS World Cup Skis. All our race skis are ready to win the FIS World Cup.

Made for you

We provide bespoke products and personal customer service to offer you the products that help you reach your limits. As an example of this, today we are the only company to offer all skis in ten unique stiffness options.

Best Materials

We don’t cut corners when choosing our ski materials. We design and manufacture every product from the best materials.

No compromises – just and only performance drives our material choices.

We research, test, and measure continuously new materials, and only use materials that enhance user experience.


At the heart of our goal to supply unique, handcrafted quality skis lay continuous professional development and advancement, combined with our knowledge gained through years of experience. At AUGMENT, we set standards.


Our lean product development and manufacturing processes guarantees that every production batch of 50 to 100 ski pairs is better than the previous batch. We collect and analyse customer feedback from the athletes continuously, and our ski builders tirelessly improve the sidecut, profile and construction of our skis to maximise the performance of AUGMENT skis without compromises.

Challenging Status Quo

We are in this with full hearts and full hearts only. We know that it will sometimes be difficult to outperform the industry heavyweights, but it’s in our DNA and definitely possible.

Panu Lehti, CEO