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What is Slack?

  • Slack is one of the best chat products in the world made by a startup in San Francisco.

Why is Slack awesome?

  • You get to know people with similar interests. Maybe you’ll be training or competing in the same location next month and could share a car or accommodation?
  • You’ll learn from skiers alike and get support from the Augment staff. How to use the Optiwax glide tapes? You’ll find help here.
  • You’ll get to see behind-the-scenes content that won’t be shared on other social media channels.
  • Slack is a user-friendly messaging platform that really works. You may use Slack with a web browser, but their mobile and desktop apps really rock!

How many people use Slack?

  • Over 2.3 million people are talking in Slack chats every day.

To get the discussion going we have created channels for giant slalom, slalom, downhill, ski mountaineering (skimo), competitions and FIS World Cup as well as for binding, plate and ski boot discussions.

In our athlete survey at the beginning of March, we asked about your interest in joining closed athlete discussion forums. To our delight almost 50% of the athletes said “Yes” and 40% maybe.